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Patient Assistance Program

The Oregon Lyme Disease Patient Assistance programs contain three programs open to Oregon and WA citizens first, other locations considered depending on funds available.

1) Ashley Denham Childrens fund - ages birth -18

2) Vaughan Heppe Memorial Young Adults Fund - helping young adults ages 19-35

3) The Sid Mouser Memorial Fund  - a research fund for Oregon related tick disease projects (Donors for Sid Mouser may also choose to place funds in one of our other patient assistance programs) 

Online initial contact form at bottom of this page
The Ashley Denham Childrens fund helped support children in Idaho and Oregon.
Thank you to the many donors who have so graciously contributed to our children's fund. 

We are pleased to announce our Vaughan Heppe Memorial Young Adults Fund.  we expect funding from this to be available May 2019. 

To our donors: At OLDN, we practice due diligence by careful screening of all applicants. Applicants must have a financial need due to limited ability to get income due to the disability caused by Lyme and Tick-Borne infections, or have multiple family members affected, resulting in large financial outlays. Funds do not provide ongoing support, but open doors to larger organizations who can help provide longer term financial support.  

Donors may ask, why not just go through insurance programs?  Currently the State of Oregon Health Policy does not allow MD physicians to diagnose late Lyme and some other tick infections. MDs who treat longer than 3 weeks often find themselves in a medico political battle with jeopardy to the licensee.  Because of this, most patients in Oregon can access the necessary antibiotic treatment  through NDs or some MDs , but are unable to bill through insurance, as insurance is the one who turns our doctors into the board, who then get weighed against a very rigid state standard, rather than the International Standard. Patients caught in the middle often do not even know they have Lyme or tick infections, as their doctors often refuse to even consider this option. 
These patients often contact OLDN after years of suffering with 3 out of every 4  presenting to us with severe disability or are caring for a child / spouse / parent and unable to work a full time job , therefor many have lost insurance benefits in general. 

Information  for Applicants: 

Application process

  • Contact OLDN for an application. (bottom of this page or call 541-321-6536) 
  • Fill out and return application
  • Provide financial information as requested (typically  income and last years tax information) 
  • OLDN board will make a determination based on your application, other applicants and funding available.
  • OLDN will work with you to schedule appointments, and approved Lyme physicians will be paid directly by OLDN for your initial visit.
  • OLDN will pay directly to the lab for pre- approved testing through approved laboratories. In general, these laboratories include IGeneX, MDL laboratories, Armin Laboratories Galaxy Laboratories, Labcorp, Quest, and Clongen Labs. WE DO NOT PAY FOR OTHER LABORATORIES WITHOUT WRITTEN PREAPPROVALS, SIGNED BY TWO BOARD MEMBERS.
  • OLDN will assist the patients who have received positive diagnosis in obtaining additional funding through third party grantors and access to pharmaceuticals by filling out papers and supporting patient in applications.